Supported by expert lab technicians and helpful support staff, Sheffield prides itself on delivering a high-quality learning experience.

The exterior of the Diamond

The Diamond

An 81-million pound building at the heart of campus, the Diamond has modern lecture theatres, a variety of small-to-large study spaces, bookable IT equipment, computer rooms and project spaces.

This visually striking and technologically impressive venue boasts 19 state-of-the-art laboratories to bring your studies to life - it's all about hands-on learning.

The iForge

The student-run iForge makerspace is housed in The Diamond providing you with hands-on time to collaborate, create and 'make' outside of your academic studies.

This stimulating creative workshop includes 3D printers, laser cutters, woodworking tools and an electronics station.

Aerospace Engineering Labs

The aerospace engineering labs in the Diamond feature state-of-the-art, industry-standard equipment which you'll get to use from the moment you join us in the first year and throughout your studies.

  • Four Merlin static flight simulators for aircraft design
  • Six Simulators for both aircraft and drone flight training
  • Twenty Wren jet engines to take apart and analyse and one cutaway variant
  • A Turbine Solutions Lab 100 jet engine test bench
  • Rolls-Royce Gnome turboshaft engine loaned from Rolls-Royce Heritage
  • Netted area for flight-testing drones
  • Seven Commercial drones for students to learn basic flying skills
  • Four Armfield C15 bench-top, sub-sonic wind tunnels (these are based in the Fluids lab)

Your practical experience

Take a look around the Aeronautical Engineering Lab in this immersive 360 tour given by Nathan Ray, EngD Candidate and Demonstrator:

In the second year, our students do a practical to design and build a quadcopter based on a brief we give them. Take a look at some of the results from the lab:

There are also some fun challenges to uncover your competitive side:

Centres of excellence

The University's cross-faculty research centres harness our interdisciplinary expertise to solve the world's most pressing challenges.