19 December 2019

A year in the life as Vice-Chancellor

After completing his first year in post, our Vice-Chancellor looks back on his first year in post, what is coming up in the next year, and how alumni are helping shape the future of the University of Sheffield.

In the year since he became our Vice-Chancellor in November 2018, Professor Koen Lamberts has spent his time getting to know the University, speaking to hundreds of students and members of staff across all departments – and at the end of that year he has come out even more impressed than when he first joined.

Professor Lamberts has also overseen the launch of four flagship research institutes - The Healthy Lifespan Institute, The Energy Institute, The Neuroscience Institute and the Institute for Sustainable Food – four institutes in which Sheffield is genuinely outstanding and which will make a real difference to people’s lives.

Looking to the next year, the key priority for the University is the development of a new vision and strategy to guide us through the next five or ten years. An initial green paper was produced, and currently staff, students and alumni through the Alumni Board have been sharing their comments to help the Vice-Chancellor and his team refine this initial plan into a more refined strategy.

We hope that all our alumni will be able to engage with this new vision once it is formalised in spring next year, but if you have any thoughts you can feed these through to Alumni Board via alumniboard@sheffield.ac.uk.