Brenda Ogden

Born 1938, died 2013. A friend of the University.

Brenda Ogden was 75 years old when she passed away on the 6th December 2013 after suffering from motor neurone disease. Her symptoms only started in March 2013 and the disease progressed quite rapidly. She died peacefully in Salford Royal Hospital where she was extremely well cared for. She had three children and three grandchildren and had been married to Norman for fifty years. She is greatly missed by all her friends and family.

The University of Sheffield and SITraN (Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience) would like to thank the friends and family of Brenda Ogden who set up a funeral collection in aid of Motor Neurone Disease research at the institution. All donations from the funeral collection have been gratefully received and will be put to an area of most need as soon as possible. The total amount raised so far including Gift Aid is £850.