Luke Holland obituary

Born 1984, died 2015. A graduate of the School of Law (LLB Law 2006).

Luke Holland

It is with a heavy heart we announce the death of our only son Luke Holland, who passed away on 20 September 2015, in Berlin, under cruel circumstances.

Luke was loved and held in high esteem by all who new him.

On leaving Sheffield, Luke spent a year in Japan, where he began his love of learning that language.

He then spent 7 years at Freshfields, before funding himself through an MBA at Oxford.

Luke's passion was to help small businesses thrive, and to that end he went to Germany, where he has helped many business startups.

We wanted his friends at Sheffield to know of Luke's tragic and untimley death. He carried the name of Sheffield university with him with pride.

Luke's heartbroken parents,
Rita and Phil