Welcome to the Classes of 1956 and 1961 Reunion

Welcome to the Classes of 1956 and 1961’s reunion page. Congratulations to our alumni celebrating 65 and 60 years since graduating from the University of Sheffield.


Director of Campaigns, Andrew Harris has some words of welcome for the Classes of 1956 and 1961.

Alumnus Chris Knapper welcomes his fellow graduates from 1961 to the virtual alumni reunion.


Thank you to everyone who got involved and sent memories and photos from their time at Sheffield.

Here are videos of some of the highlights we received, or if you look down at the bottom of the page, there is a slide deck of everything that was submitted from each class year that you can click through at your own pace.

1956 facts and figures

  • The Prime Minister was Sir Anthony Eden (Conservative).
  • The average wage yearly was £478.

The price of 

  • a loaf of bread: 4p
  • a pint of milk: 12p 
  • a litre of fuel: 6p
Class of Physics, 1956

Class of 1956, Physics: There were 17 of us who made it through to the final year Hons.

Dr Graham Booth
(BSc Physics 1956, PhD Physics 1959, DSc Physics 1985)

1961 facts and figures

  • The Prime Minister was Harold Macmillan (Conservative).
  • The average wage yearly was £562.

The price of 

  • a loaf of bread: 5p
  • a pint of milk: 13p 
  • a litre of fuel: 5p

In 1954, her Majesty the Queen visited the University. Both my husband, Harry, and I sang in the chorus in a masque written by Prof. William Empson. 

A memorable occasion!

Kathleen Bailey (née Crossley)
(BA Music & French 1956)

Rag 1960

Rag Parade 1960

Peter Roberts
(BEng Electrical Engineering 1961)

I remember my five years at Sheffield University as though it were yesterday. I developed into a more mature person in preparation for my life ahead and cannot imagine how different that would have been without the support and encouragement the University provided. My career prospered.

John Wheelhouse
(Diploma in Architecture 1961, Certificate in Professional Practice Architecture 1962)