Academic staff

Contact details and research interests of academic staff currently working in the Department of Archaeology.


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 Academic staff


Name Role Email Phone
Albarella, Prof Umberto Professor of Zooarchaeology +44 114 22 22943
Ayala, Dr Gianna Lecturer in Landscape Formation Processes +44 114 22 22935


Name Role Email Phone
Bennet, Prof John Professor of Aegean Archaeology +44 114 22 22900


Name Role Email Phone
Carroll, Prof Maureen Professor of Roman Archaeology +44 114 22 22959
Craig-Atkins, Dr Elizabeth Senior Lecturer in Human Osteology +44 114 22 22906


Name Role Email Phone
Day, Prof Peter Professor of Archaeological Materials +44 114 22 22917


Name Role Email Phone
Halstead, Prof Paul Professor of Archaeology +44 114 22 22905
Hemer, Dr Katie Senior Lecturer in Bioarchaeology +44 114 22 22925


Name Role Email Phone
Iles, Dr Louise Leverhulme Early Career Fellow +44 114 22 22951


Name Role Email Phone
Jackson, Prof Caroline Head of Department +44 114 22 22918
Johnston, Dr Bob Senior Lecturer in Landscape Archaeology +44 114 22 22941
Jones, Prof Glynis Professor of Archaeology +44 114 22 22904


Name Role Email Phone
Kerr, Dr Sarah Teaching Associate in Cultural Heritage Management +44 114 22 22900
Kuykendall, Dr Kevin Senior Lecturer +44 114 22 22937


Name Role Email Phone
Moreland, Prof John Professor of Archaeology +44 114 22 22909


Name Role Email Phone
Polo-Diaz, Dr Ana Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow  


Name Role Email Phone
Relaki, Dr Maria Teaching Associate in the Archaeology of the Ancient Economy +44 114 22 22900
Rempel, Dr Jane Lecturer in Classical Archaeology +44 114 22 22938


Name Role Email Phone
Sherratt, Dr Susan Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology +44 114 22 20183


Name Role Email Phone
Wallace, Dr Michael Research Fellow +44 114 22 22933
Willmott, Dr Hugh Senior Lecturer in European Historical Archaeology +44 114 22 22940

  Teaching fellows and technicians

Name Role Email Phone
Hadjikoumis, Dr Angelos Research Technician and Demonstrator in Zooarchaeology  
Marks, Yvette Laboratory Manager and Teaching Technician (Archaeological Science) +44 114 22 22928
Merrony, Mr Colin Teaching Fellow +44 114 22 22929
Newman, Dr Sophie Research Technician and Demonstrator in Human Osteology  

 Honorary staff

Name Role Email
Allsworth-Jones, Dr Philip Honorary Research Fellow
Bamforth, Mr Mike Honorary Research Fellow  
Burke, Dr Clare Honorary Research Fellow  
Corbino, Dr Chiara Honorary Research Fellow
Crangle, Dr Jennifer Honorary Research Fellow  
del Pino Curbelo, Dr Miguel Honorary Research Fellow  
Drinkwater, Professor John Honorary Lecturer  
Grau Sologestoa, Dr Idoia Honorary Research Fellow
Hall, Mr Mark Honorary Research Fellow
Harlan, Ms Deborah Honorary Research Fellow  
Longford, Dr Catherine Honorary Research Associate
Mentesana, Dr Roberta Honorary Research Fellow
Paynter, Dr Sarah Honorary Research Fellow  
Poole, Dr Kristopher Honorary Research Fellow  
Salvagno, Dr Lenny Honorary Research Fellow
Sebastiani, Dr Alessandro Honorary Research Fellow
Simmons, Ms Ellen Honorary Research Fellow
Swales, Dr Diana Honorary Research Fellow  
Tenconi, Dr Marta Honorary Research Fellow
Wright, Dr Lizzie Honorary Research Fellow

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