Developing regional partnerships

Our on-going partnerships with regional small/medium sized enterprises (SMEs) show the variety of benefits businesses can gain from working in collaboration with the University such as access to high calibre students, facilities, expertise and funding.

The below case studies showcase examples of how a partnership can grow and develop from one initial meeting and small scale project, to multiple collaborations and a longstanding, mutually beneficial, partnership.

If you're looking to develop a partnership with the University of Sheffield you can contact our business gateways who will be happy to discuss the options available.

Enabling world-leading technology

Magnomatics are a high technology engineering company that develop and manufacture products for many global industries based on their groundbreaking magnetic gear technology.

Initially a spin-out from the University of Sheffield in 2006, they have continued to undertake a number of projects with the University from collaborative R&D and access to facilities/consultancy, to the ability to develop and employ skilled engineers.

I’d encourage any other business in the region to make contact with the University and explore the possibilities because for us it has made us the world-leader in our technology.

Dave latimer, Chief executive officer, magnomatics


Magnomatics case study

Supporting company growth through R&D

LabLogic Systems Ltd are a manufacturer of instrumentation and software to the Life Science, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Safety sectors based in Broomhill, Sheffield.

They have undertaken a variety of collaborative projects from 2003 ranging from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), PhD placements, interships & student projects.

LabLogic’s close links with the University have formalised our R&D activity over the last 10 years. There is a definite correlation between this relationship and the company’s growth, to the point where we now operate from five sites, including the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham.

Tom Deakin, R&D Manager, LabLogic

Lab research

LabLogic Systems Ltd case study

Combining expertise to make new discoveries faster

JRI Orthopaedics Ltd are a manufacturer of orthopaedic implants and surgical instrumentation providing world class manufacturing and based in Chapeltown business park.

They have a history of innovation and have collaborated with the University of Sheffield in a variety of different ways included Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), collaborative research & student placements.

We're drawing in the University's expertise and experience and combining it with JRI's commercial expertise of the orthopaedic market.

Keith Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, JRI Orthopaedics

JRI Orthopaedics: still from film

JRI Orthopaedics Ltd case study

Providing cost-effective early stage projects

Ceramisys are a Sheffield based SME who specialise in the development and manufacturing of synthetic bone graft substitutes for the repair and regeneration of bone.

They have been working in partnership with the University since 2002 through PhD studentships and collaborative research.

Collaboration allows us to de-risk technologies and provides cost-effective early stage projects that otherwise we wouldn’t have the capability to invest in. R&D development would have been significantly harder without these collaborations.

Wayne Austin, Managing Director, Ceramisys

PhD student

Ceramisys case study