Magnomatics are a high technology engineering company that is developing and manufacturing products for many global industries based on its ground-breaking magnetic gear technology.

This film showcases our ongoing links with Sheffield City Region business Magnomatics, exploring the breadth of opportunities and benefits for both

Initially a spin-out from the University of Sheffield as a result of the ground-breaking research conducted by Professor Kais Atallah and Professor David Howe in the Electrical Machines and Drives research group, Magnomatics still retains its strong links with the University to continually develop their innovative technology and attract skilled students and graduates.

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Skilled students and graduates provide a pipeline of talent for the company to draw upon, with three students currently on placement from the University's Faculty of Engineering. Ongoing engagement with the University, through forums such as the MD Club, enables Magnomatics to access expertise, facilities and funding opportunities to remain a world-leader in their technology.

Placing talent within industry

Students and graduates provide a pipeline of talent Magnomatics to draw upon, filling vital skilled roles within the company.

Accessing skilled engineers can be perceived as a challenge within industry, but Magnomatics engage with the University in a variety of ways to overcome this - including sponsorship of PhD's and student placements. This engagement allows Magnomatics to talent spot students at an early stage to support their skills needs.

Placements also offer students the chance to put their learning into practice within industry, developing their technical skills, building a portfolio of work and potentially securing a full time job after their studies.

A lot of businesses talk about a skills shortage. We don't have that problem, we engage with students whilst they're still undergraduates allowing us to talent spot.

David Latimer

CEO of Magnomatics

Collaborations to develop world-leading technology

The ongoing partnership between the University of Sheffield and Magnomatics has provided real benefits for the company through research collaborations, access to facilities/expertise and the development of skilled engineers.

Magnomatics collaborates with the University in a variety of ways to improve and grow their business. In addition to supporting student placements, Magnomatics' own staff are completing PhDs and part-time placements at the University to further enhance their skills.

The partnership also gives the company access to expertise and equipment they may not have in house, for example via the Dynamics research group, as well as providing support and guidance on funding application.

I would encourage any other business in the region to make contact with the University and explore the possibilities, because for us it has made us the world-leader in our technology.

David Latimer

CEO of Magnomatics

Magnomatics has a number of research projects with the University in order for them to continually develop and improve their technology. Having recently been awarded funding from the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP), Magnomatics is working with engineers from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to drive big productivity improvements in offshore renewable energy generation.

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