Develop opportunities

Develop opportunities

P&G works closely with Sheffield University to meet its recruitment needs, knowing that it develops a high calibre of student. In order to succeed, we need to recruit individuals with the existing core skills and motivation to grasp the opportunities we present. We know that we can rely on Sheffield University to develop and prepare candidates for the challenges ahead.


You may need help to develop new products or services, introduce new systems and procedures or break into new markets. You may be looking for future business leaders or you may just need an extra pair of hands to get you through a busy time! Whatever your need, we can work with you to identify the best solution using student or graduate talent.

Our students and graduates can bring discipline-specific knowledge and skills, fresh ideas and enthusiasm to your business, whether that be on a part-time, casual or permanent basis or whether it be through working with you on a project.

If you are new to recruiting, our Recruiter’s toolkit provides advice on all aspects of the process from creating a placement through to retaining a graduate. There is also information on when is the best time to recruit to ensure you have maximum exposure and access to the talent pool.

If you have any further questions please Talk to US, our dedicated staff are on hand to answer your queries and provide support. Once you have a clear idea of the opportunity that you would like to offer, find out how to Advertise vacancies.