Careers Service Support

Some students come to university with a clear idea of the career they want to go on to. Some have a rough idea of the area they are interested in, while others start off with little or no idea.

If you’re not sure about your future career path, here are some starting points to help you:

  • Use your subject - explore the options open to you with your degree subject.
  • Graduate case studies - read the career stories of graduates from your department or those working in a particular occupational area.

If you don’t have a specific career in mind, you can use your time at university to gain skills and experience which will be beneficial no matter what career you eventually decide on.sga

Student jobs, voluntary work, placements, work-related modules and projects, employer presentations, careers fairs, extra-curricular activities and positions of responsibility – these all help you to gain an understanding of what different jobs are like, and to build up skills and experiences to put on your CV and talk about at interviews.

The Sheffield Graduate attributes

The Sheffield Graduate attributes are defined as a range of knowledge and skills, obtained through your studies and by additional activities. As part of this, the Careers Service supports you in developing these attributes by offering a number of initiatives:

Come and talk to us

Once you are registered as a student, you can come and talk to us, even if you have no idea about what you want to do next. We can provide lots of support and plenty of information to help you get started with your career planning. You can book an appointment via our system, Career Connect, which also has lots of careers events and job vacancies just for you.