Steve Jubb


Research Group: Energy and Environmental Engineering

Supervisor: Professor Peter Hall




I grew up close to Sheffield in the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley leaving to earn my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BEng) at Queen Mary College, London. Following graduation, as a student sponsored by British Telecom, I went on to a career in the telecommunications industry in the U.K. and the United States spending almost thirty years first with BT then AT&T. During that time I held a wide variety management and leadership positions in operations, project delivery, technical client services and customer relationship management.

Deciding on a change in direction I left industry in the summer of 2012 and returned to study here at Sheffield taking the Department’s MSc(Eng) in Environmental and Energy Engineering. The subject of my Master’s research project was the transformation of electricity networks into Smart Grids and the convergence of supply systems, information technology and large-scale data processing.

Having now joined the Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group, as a PhD student supervised by Professor Peter Hall and Professor Martin Mayfield, I’m continuing my studies into Smart Grid technology. My areas of interest are in the way in which Energy Storage (including Vehicle-to-Grid) can be integrated at grid-scale with a transformed energy network, how digitisation will enable intelligent network control as well as overall system efficiency gains and development of end-to-end functional interoperability that leads to a services-based infrastructure platform.

I’m a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Energy Institute (EI) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), serving on the committee of the UK & RI chapter of the Society on Social Implications of Technology.