Dr Charles Gillott (he/him)

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Dr Charles Gillott
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building (Broad Lane Building)
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

In 2019, Charles graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MEng in Civil Engineering. He later joined the RISE (Resources, Infrastructure Systems and Built Environments) research group and, in 2023, completed his PhD on the potential for future space provision through the vertical extension of existing buildings.

Charles has previously been involved in a number of additional projects, including the development of 'Regenerate', a circular economy engagement tool for the assessment of new and existing buildings, as well as feasibility studies for transport networks and storage hubs for construction material reuse.

His current project seeks to quantify the circular economic potential of the UK's non-residential building stock. This considers building retention, component reuse and material recycling at the national, sub-national and building level, maintaining the transection of circular economy principles and spatial scales seen throughout Charles' work.

Research interests
  • Circular economy in the built environment
  • Adaptive reuse of existing buildings
  • Design of new buildings for future reuse
  • Building and material stocks and flows
  • Sustainable housing provision
  • Urban form and the circular economy
  • Construction sector governance and planning policy

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Resources, Infrastructure Systems & Built Environment