Covid-19 statistics

Daily reported cases for University of Sheffield staff and students.


Daily reported coronavirus cases

These figures represent new positive confirmed cases that were reported to us on a daily basis.

The data is for:

  • University of Sheffield students who are living in Sheffield
  • University of Sheffield staff working on campus

The figures may need to be updated as further information is understood about each reported case.

Staff and student cases by week: latest daily figures for 7 days

Graph showing daily staff and student cases (by month)

Staff and student cases by month: latest daily figures for October–November

Graph showing daily staff and student cases (by month)

New cases

Staff: 0 | Students: 9

7-day rolling average

Staff: 0.6 | Students: 4 | Staff and students: 4.6

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    Figures represent new positive confirmed cases that were reported to us on a daily basis.

    From Monday 23 November

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 23 November 0 9

    Monday 16 November–Sunday 22 November

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 16 November 0 5
    Tuesday 17 November 0 5
    Wednesday 18 November 1 2
    Thursday 19 November 0 3
    Friday 20 November 2 5
    Saturday 21 November 0 1
    Sunday 22 November 1 3

    Monday 9 November–Sunday 15 November

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 9 November 3 8
    Tuesday 10 November 1 5
    Wednesday 11 November 0 7
    Thursday 12 November 0 10
    Friday 13 November 0 4
    Saturday 14 November 0 3
    Sunday 15 November 0 0

    Monday 2 November–Sunday 8 November

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 2 November 0 7
    Tuesday 3 November 1 6
    Wednesday 4 November 1 8
    Thursday 5 November 2 6
    Friday 6 November 1 6
    Saturday 7 November 0 2
    Sunday 8 November 0 6

    Monday 26 October–Sunday 1 November

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 26 October 3 15
    Tuesday 27 October 1 17
    Wednesday 28 October 1 14
    Thursday 29 October 1 8
    Friday 30 October 0 17
    Saturday 31 October 1 5
    Sunday 1 November 0 4

    Monday 19 October–Sunday 25 October

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 19 October 5 23
    Tuesday 20 October 1 13
    Wednesday 21 October 1 18
    Thursday 22 October 1 10
    Friday 23 October 1 11
    Saturday 24 October 0 5
    Sunday 25 October 1 6

    Monday 12 October–Sunday 18 October

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 12 October 0 56
    Tuesday 13 October 0 47
    Wednesday 14 October 2 37
    Thursday 15 October 0 23
    Friday 16 October 0 16
    Saturday 17 October 0 1
    Sunday 18 October 0 9

    Monday 5 October–Sunday 11 October

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 5 October 1 109
    Tuesday 6 October 1 79
    Wednesday 7 October 0 71
    Thursday 8 October 3 60
    Friday 9 October 2 63
    Saturday 10 October 0 26
    Sunday 11 October 0 22

    Monday 28 September–Sunday 4 October

    Day New staff cases New student cases
    Monday 28 September 1* 19*
    Tuesday 29 September 1 32
    Wednesday 30 September 0 63
    Thursday 1 October 0 91
    Friday 2 October 0 98
    Saturday 3 October 2 81
    Sunday 4 October 1 90

    *The statistics for Monday 28 September include data gathered over the weekend.

    We will update the figures with data from the previous day. Figures gathered over the weekend will be provided on Mondays.

    We have around 8,000 staff members, and typically have a student body of around 29,000.

    What happens when someone tests positive?

    When we receive notification of a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, we follow detailed processes and procedures, including tracking and tracing to reduce onward transmission, communications to relevant staff and students, and cleaning of affected areas where appropriate. Staff and students who are confirmed as having Covid-19 are asked to share details of their close contacts to allow us to inform those that will need to self-isolate in line with government guidelines. In addition to this information, we are using timetabling data and system logs to identify staff and students who may have been in close proximity to a confirmed Covid-19 case and may therefore have to isolate.

    When a member of the University community tests positive, they self-isolate with their household in line with government guidelines.

    How we're keeping our community safe

    How we're supporting students who are self-isolating

    We recognise how difficult it is for students who are starting or returning to University and need to self-isolate because of Covid-19 cases.

    To make sure we are supporting students in the best way possible, we will contact all students who are self-isolating to check on their welfare and offer practical and emotional support. We will also make sure that all students know how to access our mental health and wellbeing services while isolating. Eligible students can apply for financial support through our hardship fund, and students without access to the IT equipment needed for their course can apply to loan a laptop.

    For students staying in University accommodation, we will also:

    • do a daily check-in on students who are symptomatic, have tested positive or who have registered with our Residence Life team for a daily welfare call to find out how they are feeling and what their specific needs may be 
    • offer support in accessing medication, shopping and food deliveries – including access to a guaranteed delivery of an essentials food, toiletries and a laundry product package while self-isolating
    • provide students details for local collect and deliver laundry services. The University will subsidise the cost of this to ensure self-isolating students are not paying any more than they would have to use our communal laundries. We are also providing a free hand wash detergent to all flats on request
    • make sure that all students know what to do if they or their flatmates become symptomatic, or very unwell 
    • offer a range of online residence life activities to support engagement and community building
    • daily peer-to-peer support drop-in sessions for students who are not self-isolating and may need assistance or signposting to support services

    We are in regular contact with Sheffield City Council, Public Health England and other partners to make sure that we are sharing information about the local situation and responding to the latest guidance.

    Get in touch or find out more

    How we're supporting staff who are self-isolating

    Managers will maintain appropriate contact with the staff member during this period and plan their return to work at the end of the 10 days if the staff member’s symptoms have ceased and they are able to recommence working.

    Staff who have any concerns, or need any support, should speak to their line manager or email We also have a range of mental health and wellbeing support available, including the Health Assured staff advisory line and counselling service.

      What to do if you have symptoms or you're self-isolating (students and staff)

      Process for students

      Complete the online Covid-19 form

      You must complete the form when you begin self-isolating, even if you have no symptoms. For example, if you have been identified as a contact and asked to self-isolate by NHS track and trace or if someone in your household has symptoms and is awaiting test results. If you develop symptoms while self-isolating, please complete the form again.

      Process for staff

      Notify your line manager as soon as possible.

      For further details and guidance for managers, read the managing a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 protocol document.

      Our Covid-19 Testing Centre

      We have worked closely with public health experts to open a Covid-19 rapid testing facility for our students. The test centre is available on a voluntary basis if you're a University of Sheffield student living in Sheffield with no Covid-19 symptoms.