About CRAFiC

CRAFiC aims to develop inclusive, sustainable and resilient societies through the interdisciplinary study of accounting and finance in local and global contexts.


Welcome from the centre's director

CRAFiC emerges from the work of Professor Tony Lowe and the ‘Sheffield School’ tradition of studying accounting and finance issues within the contexts in which they arise. Today, CRAFiC continues to build on those founding principles to examine the wider impact of accounting and finance practices on organisations, markets, society and the environment. Our aim is not only to be at the forefront of academic debates, but to influence the ideas and behaviours of organisational stakeholders in order to change policy and practice, and to provide a voice to all segments of society affected by accounting and financial decisions at local, national and global levels.

CRAFiC produces world-leading research in some of the discipline’s most highly regarded international journals. Our research agenda is at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary work on accounting and finance, engaging the most significant challenges of our time. That agenda is transformative - it is not simply about advancing theory, we aim to change the world in which we live for the better, helping construct socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and financially resilient societies. Our website is therefore outwardly focused, housing public interest reports through which we aim to shape the public agenda, whilst our various projects and impact cases illustrate the positive contributions we have already made within society. 

We are also a global centre, reflected in our multicultural membership, our multiple international academic partners and our collaborations with large, trans-national organisations. However we are also very much embedded in Sheffield, our home city, and work with local organisations to make a difference in our community.

Finally, we are methodologically pluralist, but united by a core ethos of studying and shaping accounting and finance in its context in order to make tangible progress towards a world that is more socially and economically inclusive, sustainable and resilient. That ethos is reflected in our own organisational structures which are designed to support and empower early career researchers to reach their potential, and also encourages internal flexibility and the cross-pollination of ideas to sharpen our thinking and produce innovative work. This is supported by an annual methods workshop which underwrites our commitment to pluralism and innovation.

We are an interdisciplinary centre and welcome applications for supervision from prospective doctoral students. We also welcome enquiries from potential post-doctoral students if you have a particular project in mind. We are a collegial place with excellent research facilities for visiting scholars and are experienced in working in large interdisciplinary teams.

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope you find value in our work.

Professor Adam Leaver