CRAFiC aims to be at the heart of the debate about the role of accounting and finance in contributing to development of inclusive and sustainable societies. Using a range of multidisciplinary research approaches, the Centre's ambition is to contribute to the cutting edge of research in accounting and finance that have relevance for the wider economy and society at large.

Research undertaken by members of the centre not only has implications for organisational stakeholders such as financial institutions, corporations and government but gives voice to all segments of the society who are affected by accounting and financial decisions. The scope of their research too is wide ranging, focusing on issues that are local and regional at the one end, and international and global at the other.

Research themes

CRAFiC is organised around three key themes:

Social and Environmental Accounting and Democratic Accountability

This theme combines the longstanding research interests of Prof Frank Birkin and Linda Lewis in social and environmental accounting and Prof Bill Lee’s interest in social accounting and democratic accountability. The focus on democratisation that arises from the qualities of social and environmental accounting is complemented by researchers who focus on issues pertaining to the proper governance of organisations, including Lynda Burkinshaw, Dr Jeremy Eng-Tuck Cheah, Dr Naoko Komori, Dr Chaudhary Mohammed Ghafran and Prof Stuart Ogden.

Responsible Finance and Social Banking

This theme accommodates Dr John Fry's development of methods to analyse asset return distribution, the corporate finance work of Dr Neng Jiang, Dr Shuxing Yin and Dr Oleksandr Talavera, and Prof Sumon Bhaumik's research on corporate governance and financial sector development. It brings these together with the less orthodox research into credit unions of Dr John Brierley and Prof Bill Lee and Dr Jeremy Chea’s studies of the relationship between social responsibility and finance.

Research Methods for International Studies of Accounting and Finance

This theme pulls together Prof Frank Birkin's research on social and environmental accounting in China and Sweden, with Prof John Cullen's and Dr Juliana Meira's studies in supply chain accounting and employment practices in Brazil and South Africa, Dr Neng Jiang's investigations of India and China, Prof Bill Lee’s research in New Zealand, Dr Sanjay Lanka's studies of the sustainable livelihoods of small holder farmers in India, and Dr Naoko Komori's research on auditing and accounting in different socio-cultural context with specific reference to Japan.