BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium

The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium is an annual one day conference for women students of Computing and related subjects. The event started in 2008, and moves around the country.

The aims of this event are:

  • To provide a forum for undergraduate women and masters students to share their ideas and network
  • To provide a stimulating series of talks from women in computing, both from academia and industry
  • To provide both formal (talks) and informal (networking) advice to undergraduate women about careers in computing from a female perspective

Each year they have a great series of talks, and an opportunity for students to discuss their own work in the form of a poster contest, with cash prizes provided by industry sponsors. Google have sponsored all events to date, enabling BCSWomen to cover the travel costs (and overnight accommodation if necessary) for all students in the poster contest, and other industrial and academic bodies have provided additional sponsorship covering prizes and lunch.

You can see details of previous events including lists of prizewinners here: Previous Conferences

Every year we invite our students to represent us at the event. You can find out more about the event and register for updates on their website.

In 2019 Kate Bobyn and Katie Walker represented our department at the event.

Kate Bobyn UG student. Award at BCS women colloquium

Kate (centre) won first prize in her category for her poster: Challenges Associated with Humanitarian Applications of Neural Machine Translation for Low-Resource Languages

"The conference was really well organised and a genuine pleasure to attend. One of the highlights for me was Helen Leigh's talk on alternative career paths in technology.

I enjoyed making and presenting my poster, as I got to discuss one of the research areas that has interested me for a long time - machine translation for low-resource languages, with a focus on humanitarian efforts such as disaster relief and crisis management.

I got to exchange ideas with students from all over the UK, some of whom I'm planning to meet up with in the future at hackathons and CS talks. I will certainly attend again next year."

Kate Bobyn
BEng Software Engineering

Katie Walker UG student at BCSWomen poster session

"There are few events for women in computer science and I really recommend attending if you can. The conference was interesting, inspiring and had some fantastic companies sponsoring. There were a series of talks from women working as self-employed, software developers and researchers, which was great for finding out about different routes you can take in the industry. It was also a great opportunity to meet other women from all over the country."

Kate Walker
BSc Computer Science and Mathematics

Previous attendees


Hend Elghazaly

"The best surprise was at the end when I won second place in the Best MSc Prize category. I was not expecting it and I am absolutely ecstatic to have won it. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and boosted my self-confidence.

Overall, the day was exceptionally delightful and inspirational. It motivated me to keep going and do the best I can in this field. More importantly, it reminded me to believe in myself and never give up to the stresses or failures. It was an absolute pleasure to meet women in computer science and my fellow colleagues from different universities in the UK. I am very glad that such an event exists and feel honoured that I am part of a passionate and intelligent network.

I eagerly encourage the female students from the University of Sheffield to participate in it. I will ensure that I stay connected with BCSWomen Lovelace and take part in it in the coming years. But since my journey as a student is coming to an end perhaps next time I hope to join the event as a graduate software engineer in the panel session!"

Hend Elghazaly
MSc Advanced Computer Science

Keerthana Ganesh"As a placement year student, this competition really caught my eye as I knew the perfect topic to present on: “Disruptive Technologies” which is the massive industry buzz word at the moment and almost everyone at work used it on a regular basis. The word summarises all the new and innovative technologies, including Mobile banking and Blockchain which have completely changed the way we go about day to day activities. I think events like this really open our eyes to how great it is to be a woman in engineering and how much value we can add as females. The Colloquium was so well organised and I’ve learnt so much by networking with other computer scientists and listening to their ideas."

Keerthana Ganesh
BEng Software Engineering with a Year in Industry