Hiding vegetables in the sauce - is an integrated curriculum the answer to the tech shortage?

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Wednesday 16 November 2022


Speaker: Tanya Gleadow (Loughborough University, UK)

Abstract: With little time in the computer science curriculum for expanding on the already-packed content, and recruitment of computer science specialist teachers failing to meet targets year after year, is it time to look at how the rest of the secondary school curriculum could be used to strengthen computational thinking? This talk will look at the problems with the current system and propose ways in which underrepresented groups could be targeted with an integrated curriculum.

Bio: Tanya Gleadow is a computing education PhD researcher at Loughborough University, and a lecturer in interaction design at Sheffield Hallam University. Before delving into academia she worked in the tech industry developing low cost hardware and delivering outreach activities to all ages. She has developed and delivered sessions for BBC Digital Academy, Microbit:Live, and Deershed Festival and has written for Make and Hackspace magazines. Her research focuses on the use of externally-produced teaching materials in schools and how teachers can be better supported by the tech industry.

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