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The IoC series of talks aim to bring together Computer Science and Software Engineering students and industry practitioners - for the benefit of both. Speakers will mainly be industry practitioners; typically focused on their personal experiences with the aim of increasing the audience's understanding of their industry and its context.

About the Institute of Coding
The Institute of Coding is a government-funded project that aims to develop and deliver innovative, industry-focused digital skills education across the UK. It brings together universities, large corporates, small and medium sized enterprises, established industry groups, experts in the delivery of distance and non-traditional learning and professional bodies. For more information see

6th December 2018

There's a dinosaur in the classroom!
Pete Casson - Chief Technology Officer - Twinkl

Chief Technology Officer Pete Casson will be discussing how Twinkl has developed Augmented Reality technology to help children throughout the world learn in new ways.
Pete will talk through why Twinkl decided to develop AR applications, how they were created and the positive impacts this work has been having on education, in both the classroom and at home.  There will also be a sneak preview of a new AR application, which has been designed to support the teaching of STEM.

Twinkl creates online educational resources that support each stage of a child's learning journey including schemes of work, assessments and online educational games

Get Good with Git - Using Version Control to Deliver Quality Software
Luke Stringer - Head of Development - 3Squared

A look into how 3Squared use version control to enable collaboration, ensure code quality, fix bugs, and ultimately release software

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8th November 2018

A day in the life of a Senior Inventor - Innovation at the coal face.
followed by:
A.I over the next 5 years.

John McNamar - senior inventor - IBM

How do we see applications of A.I evolving over the next 5 years and an overview of the technologies are we using to make that happen today (hint: Watson may be involved here)?

Bio: John is a Senior Inventor in the IBM Hursley, and leads the Senior Inventor community in the Hursley Lab. John is also lead technologist in the IBM Hursley Innovation Centre, with a background of international consultancy, helping clients across the globe innovate successfully in industries ranging from Banking and Pharmaceuticals to Defence and Disease Control. Today, John helps IBM Business Partners innovate, utilising technologies such as A.I, IoT, Security and Integration. John also enjoys collaborating with universities on projects utilising A.I to solve societal challenges.

11th October 2018

94 - Now. Sheffield's (near truthful!) Digital Journey

Liz Hnat - Senior Project Manager - Hive IT (Sheffield)

A personal perspective on how the digital scene in Sheffield has changed since 1994. I'll also look at how women have contributed to that scene, rolling right around to where it might be heading in the future. This talk is based on part truths and dodgy geographical mapping skills - but the overall themes should ring true

Digital, Data & Technology for the Environment.

Andrew Newman - Data Policy Manager - DEFRA

At Defra we are creating a great place for living. It is our job to ensure the UK has a strong and healthy environment that has economic value. We use digital, data and technology to make policy and to deliver effective, efficient services to a wide range of users.

In this talk I will provide an overview of some of our services, talk about the role of our digital, data and technology professionals and explain how you can join us on our transformational journey.

14th June 2018

What does DevOps mean?

Glen Mailer - Digital Justice

Coding is only a small part of software engineering, code is only useful when it's running somewhere. I'll look at where coding fits into the the wider context of software delivery, and talk about how many companies approach getting their software running in production. I'll also show you what modern techniques can do to make this whole process a lot more streamlined and effective.

Software development at the speed of AU

Dr Raj Curwen - CTO and Inventor of the AU Computer Language, Aucoda Ltd (Manchester)

Software Development is hard, and producing talented developers is the number one skill that many companies want to foster. Often, the approach is to try and train more and more people, but this can still be ineffective, not least because the number of different technologies being utilised is constantly expanding (and as we said, software development is difficult!). Ultimately, this means that there is a shortage of experienced developers. In response to these problems, we decided to radically change the way we develop software, by inventing a new language: AU.

Today we would like to introduce you to AU, outline our motivations for creating a new language, and showcase some of the ways our developers are already using AU to build software faster, for all platforms at the same time.

Our developers are just like you – maybe now or in the near future – graduates undertaking their first job in the industry. Using AU means they are productive and capable of contributing to large-scale, real-world projects, after just two weeks of training!

10th May 2018

Welcome and Introduction to the IoC

Phil McMinn - University of Sheffield

Transform your destiny and change the world

Dave Cates - Managing Director - Redemption Media Ltd (Sheffield)

Dave Cates is a serial entrepreneur and founder of award winning technology consultancy, Redemption Media. Being able to code gives you an absolutely amazing opportunity to transform your destiny and change the world. From his experience of working for large corporates such as the BBC and BT through to launching multiple tech startups, Dave will demonstrate how, as technology graduates, you hold the most exciting opportunities which have never been seen before - e.g. you can easily create your own business with just a few lines of code while sat in your PJs! But really, where do you want your skills to take you and what kind of legacy do you want to leave for the next generation? What next step will you take to join the global tech adventure?

Life in Test Engineering

Cassy Calvert - Head of Test - BJSS (Leeds)

I’ll be speaking about testing, why we do it, how its done, what type of activities are usually undertaken by test engineers, and some real world examples of where there have been issues because there was no planned testing on the product.