Genesys Solutions - join the first student-run software company in the UK

Genesys Solutions is a fantastic example of project-based teaching; a student-run IT company, with its own premises close to the Department of Computer Science. As a 4th year undergraduate or Masters student, you will have the opportunity to join Genesys and carry out development and consulting projects for external clients.

It's not unusual for graduates who work with Genesys during their degree to start their own business, or go straight into jobs with leading employers with starting salaries of £30,000 or more.

genesys students

In Genesys, students make up the marketing department, a systems administration team and a number of customer-facing development teams. This gives you the opportunity for real industrial experience with a great deal of personal responsibility. Throughout your time with Genesys you’ll be mentored by staff from IBM and epiGenesys, a spin-out company of the University of Sheffield that specialises in agile software development. EpiGenesys also offers paid summer work for Computer Science undergraduate students, and some of our graduates have joined the company as full-time employees.

By participating in Genesys during your degree, you'll get the chance to

  • Find customers and research market opportunities for software products
  • Formulate proposals and negotiate contracts with clients
  • Develop and maintain software and provide services for clients
  • Deliver training courses
  • Act as IT consultants to local organisations
  • Follow a project through from start to finish
  • Keep company accounts
  • Boost your employability

Genesys makes for a much broader and exciting experience than a year out in industry where responsibility is not the norm. Genesys is also mentored by staff from IBM - so if problems do arise, they can help. If you need professional industrial advice about any aspect of your role in the company, they will be able to answer your questions.

Who are the clients?

Recent projects and clients of Genesys include:

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital: an internal research data repository website, showing outcomes of various treatments on patients

  • HD Lifestyle: Skate Smart website for monitoring physical conditions of skaters, helping them to reach peak fitness

  • Leeds Royal Amouries: a DVD game for children for use in museums

  • ISCAL coaster factory: e-commerce website

What people are saying about Genesys

Genesys has drawn praise from leading industry figures:

"Genesys ... places students at the heart of projects, and test their skills, ingenuity and team work. They have to solve real business problems for demanding clients within tight timescales, managing all aspects of the project. In short, Sheffield graduates leave the University prepared for the challenges of working life."

Mandy Chessell
IBM Academy of Technology

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