Protect your Tech - stay safe online with our new cybersecurity podcast

The Department of Computer Science has stepped into the podcasting arena with its new offering, Protect your Tech.

Ola Olayinka and Grace Lim podcast

There are many podcasts out there that touch on the issue of cybersecurity - but few that offer practical tips on how better to protect yourself online.

That’s why the Department of Computer Science has entered the world of podcasting with its new series, Protect your Tech. Through the series of podcasts the team will be taking a deep dive into the murky and often misunderstood world of cybersecurity.

Each episode, University Teacher Dr Ola Olayinka and Marketing and Communications Officer Rob Langley will be joined by a guest to cut through the jargon and offer top tips. We even discover once and for all whether it’s advisable to have your passwords tattooed on your arm; spoiler alert: it’s not!

Episode one ‘Passwords’, where the hosts are joined by Grace Lim from the University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, is available to stream now:



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There will be more episodes to follow in the coming weeks, so watch this space...


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