Mr Andrew Stratton

Senior University Teacher
Industrial Liaison Officer

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 1894

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I am a Senior University Teacher in the Department of Computer Science working for the Institute of Coding. I lead the Student Enterprises work package at UoS, building on the Genesys Software Company experience for the benefit of other Universities, Industry and Students.

If you are a potential Student Entrepreneur, then please get in touch.

I have 12+ years experience as a University Lecturer/researcher in Software Engineering and Computer Science.

I also have 12+ years industry experience in mainly Java based Object Oriented Software Engineering including analysis, design, development, testing, research & development and mentoring.

I believe strongly in the relevance of industry practice for software development education.

Conferences I have been involved with include:

  • Co-editor for 'Projects in the Computing Curriculum' - Proceedings of the Project 98 Workshop, Sheffield 1998
  • Chair for Human Computer Interaction 1998
  • Co-organiser Human Computer Interaction 1997

If I choose to, I have more letters after my name than are in my name:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Fellow HEA), Sheffield Hallam University (2013-14)
  • Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing, Open University (2009-11).
  • MSc in Computer Science: New Generation Computing, Exeter University (1988-1989)
  • Polytechnic Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies (BSc Hons. equivalent), Leicester Polytechnic (1987-1988)
  • HND Computer Studies (6 credits), Portsmouth Polytechnic (1985-1987)
Industry Experience and Skills

I have worked for 12+ years in industry, with roles including:

IT Director - for a startup that didn't
Project Manager
Technical Architect
Performance Architect
Java Technical Architect
Java Performance Team Leader
Team Leader/Designer
Senior Java Developer
Real time software developer

Since I spent 10+ years as a contractor, I have worked for many companies, including:

IBM and IBM at ASDA, Leeds
IBM at Barclaycard, Northampton
BG Technology - Gas Research & Development Centre, Loughborough
BT Data and Information Services, Leeds
CSE Servelec, Sheffield
RACAL COMSEC Ltd., Salisbury
HPI, Salisbury/Sheffield
Resolution IT Services, Leeds
SoftwareAG (UK) Ltd., Derby
OCLC Pica, Sheffield, London
i2 Technologies, Nottingham

Some of the projects I worked on have become 'antiques' before their time:

The Asda Home Shopping CD. They sent a new CD out their customers every time they needed to update the software.
An automatic web page to WML/WAP mobile application (for the 'Matrix' phone). It was so slow, even I didn't use it - and it was free for me...
A real time voice encryption/decryption system using two Z80 processors sharing 2K of RAM - one just wasn't fast enough. I think they sold a few.
I happily claim professional skill in Java, Node JS, Html 5, CSS, Golang, Python, MongoDB, CouchDB.

I will not admit to having any skill in PHP or SQL.

Teaching, Research & Education

I have worked as an academic University Teacher/Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University and the Open University. I have also been a Research Associate at Warwick University and Parallel Computing Support Officer at Cardiff University.

My research is focused around the Quando toolset, which offers Visual End User Development for non programmers. This was initially co-designed with museum staff for creating digital interactive exhibits without needing programming skills.