Machine Learning

The Machine Learning group forms part of the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield. It has gained an international reputation for research into the development of learning techniques and their application to a diverse range of modelling tasks.

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  • Theory:

    • Dimensionality Reduction
    • Probabilistic Modelling
    • Optimisation
    • Statistical Learning
    • Bio-inspired Learning

  • Applications:

    • Personalised Health
    • Computational Biology
    • Computational Neuroscience
    • Neuromorphic Engineering
    • Robotics

Core academic staff

Affiliated members


GPy - An open-source framework for Gaussian Processes (GP) written in Python.

GPyOpt - An open-source library for Bayesian Optimization using GPy, written in Python.

Rodent Data Analytics (RODA) - A MATLAB suite of algorithms and a software for analysis and classification of rodents trajectory data in the Morris Water Maze.

Sheffield Machine Learning Network

Our group coordinates the Sheffield Machine Learning Network. The aim of the network is to promote collaboration and to provide support for researchers and students who are working with or have interest in machine learning topics. It is open to anyone within the Sheffield University, and aims to foster an accessible environment. More details about the network are available.

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