Sarah Coward | In The Room

The Arts Tower

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Thursday 10 March 2022
The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 6
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The DHI’s invites you to attend one of this semester’s Business Leader Talks, by speaker Sarah Coward from In The Room.

Sarah Coward is a founder and CEO with a passion for using technology to inspire audiences with human stories. She established In The Room to enable people to connect with remarkable people from all walks of life – integrating voice recognition and machine learning techniques to allow you to have conversations with people you will never get to meet.

In The Room delivers voice interactive encounters across various industries including culture, retail and entertainment, and across multiple platforms including web, VR and life-size installations.

Prior to founding In The Room, Sarah worked at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, instigating the Forever Project: this award-winning work created authentic digital projections of Holocaust survivors. The survivors, some of whom have now passed away, can not only give their testimony, but can answer questions from the audience – preserving the experience of meeting a survivor for generations to come. Sarah has 15 years experience at Director level, and 20 years+ experience in business development, with a focus on developing strategic vision to drive growth. She was part of the NESTA/Arts Council Accelerator Programme aimed at pushing forward the application of new technologies to Arts organisations, following on from successful participation in the R&D Digital Fund for the Arts.

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