Black History for Every Day of the Year, a new book by Dr Yinka Olusoga

Dr Yinka Olusoga is joining her siblings David and Kemi for Black History for Every Day of the Year, a new book to be published in September by Macmillan Children's Books.

EDU - Yinka Olusoga

The book will be written by Yinka and her brother David, a historian, broadcaster and bestselling author and illustrated by their sister Kemi.

Black History for Every Day of the Year will sweep through the ages to include histories of both well-known figures and events as well as unsung heroes. The book will cover history, culture, sporting achievements, scientists, politics, music, writing and activists, and aims to inspire and motivate children of all ages.

Yinka commented "As we have worked together on this book two themes have really shone through. They are the support and connection that many people in Black history have given each other, and the richness and ingenuity of the cultural contributions of Black people. As well as presenting a story about Black history each day of the year, we have included themes in Black history that children, parents and teachers can explore."

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