Dr Andrey Rosowsky


School of Education

Senior Lecturer

Director of full-time MA Programme

Director of MA in Education

+44 114 222 8136

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Dr Andrey Rosowsky
School of Education
The Wave
2 Whitham Road
S10 2AH

Andrey is the Director of the full-time MA in Education. Previous to this he was the Director of Initial Teacher Education and led the PGCE English course. He also supervises a number of doctoral students. He moved to the School of Education in January 2005 from a Local Education Authority where he had served for four years as the English Consultant for the KS3 National Strategy.

Previous to this, he had taught in a local secondary school for fifteen years, the last seven of which he spent as Head of English. He started his teaching career as a teacher of English Literature at an Egyptian English-medium secondary school, Victoria College, in Alexandria.

Research interests

Andrey's research interests include language and education, sociolinguistics, multilingualism and faith-based complementary schooling. He has published in the fields of multilingualism, the sociology of language, the sociology of language and religion, language and education and language and identity.

Much of his recent research is located within theoretical frameworks which view language as a social practice and language as performance. He recently led an AHRC-funded international research network on performance and faith: Heavenly Acts – aspects of performance through an interdisciplinary lens.



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Edited books

Journal articles


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Theses / Dissertations

  • Bramley R (2021) In Their Own Image: Voluntary Filmmaking at a Non-Profit Community Media Organisation. RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

#supervisionaries - stories of brilliant doctoral supervision

Andrey was brought in to supervise my PhD project in Autumn 2017, when my former supervisor left the University. Stepping in to supervise a project that was not his own was no small feat, and yet, Andrey grasped the challenge with both hands, ensuring the continuity of my PhD, whilst also adding his own expertise to it. Rather than trying to mould the project into something more familiar to his own experience, he has found no difficulty in stepping out of his comfort zone in order to guide me as best he can. I am a better academic for his support, and a better person too.