Science undergraduates visit China as ambassadors for studying in Sheffield

A team of science students from the Univeristy of Sheffield visited China to share their experiences of studying chemistry, physics and maths at the University of Sheffield.

The six undergraduates visited Nanjing Tech University to meet students who are doing one of the joint degree programmes that the University of Sheffield runs with the institution in Jiangsu province.

Group photo

Students on the joint degree programmes spend the first three years of their BSc Chemistry, BSc Financial Mathematics or BSc Materials Physics degrees studing in Nanjing. They are taught by visiting staff from the University of Sheffield, and have the option to spend their final year in Sheffield.

They were visited by Sheffield students Tara Appleyard and Jack Wilkins from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Eleanor Westwood and Heather Williams from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, and Klaudia Kapusta and Christoph Fornacon-Wood from the Department of Chemistry.

This gave students at Nanjing Tech University the chance to ask questions about studying at the University of Sheffield, and get the perspectives of students who are already based in Sheffield.

The students visiting from Sheffield got the chance to explore the Nanjing Tech University and Nanjing University campuses. They were also able to visit the museums, gardens and temples of Nanjing and the nearby cities of Shanghai and Suzhou.

Maths student Heather Williams said: "I absolutely loved my time in Nanjing and it was so much more than I expected it to be. I cannot pick a favourite part as there are too many highlights to choose from."

Chemistry students at Nanjing