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Block curiosity

Making Space for Curiosity and Innovation.

Pippa Gardner
Doctoral Research

Academic and Research Staff:

Academic Staff:


Postdoctoral Researchers:

Angela Meah

Anna Krzywoszynska

Nafhesa Ali

• Michael Foden

Visiting Researchers:

• Ben Hoff

• Matthew Tillotson

PhD Students:

  • Rebecca Murray: Migrant Geographies: transcending borders, barriers & binaries.

  • Patience Muchada: Food safety in UK and Zimbabwe.

  • Katie Markham: Multiculturalism in Northern Ireland.

  • Beth Kamunge: Black feminist activism and the politics of food.

  • Svenja Timmins: Youth in Europe's Steel Cities.

  • Carol Dixon: Representations of Africa and African diaspora in British and French museums.

  • Ava Shackleford: Local food initiatives in Sheffield and Manchester.

Funders and Collaborators:

Research carried out in this theme is funded by many organisations and reflects the interdisciplinary nature of our work.