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How to make a video proposal sheet example

The full example helpsheet from Make it Grow, pictured above, can be downloaded here [PDF].

Facilitation Toolkit: supporting community groups to build capacity and create video proposals [PDF]

This Handbook and Toolkit has been created through the experience of supporting our participants to co-create video proposals, via remote, online communication platforms. The purpose is to provide resources for facilitators who would like to organise community workshops to support CBOs, to build video-making capacity and to co-create video proposals


  1. Shot types.pdf
  2. Storytelling tips.pdf
  3. Storyboarding.pdf
  4. Ethics of video making.pdf
  5. Video Communication Styles.pdf
  6. Video file storage and transfer issues.pdf
  7. Crystallising community project ideas.pdf
  8. Road Journey Action Plan.pdf
  9. How to Make a Video Proposal.pdf
  10. Video Editing Process Steps.pdf
  11. What can you do with a video proposal.pdf

Existing Research Papers on Video Proposals

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