#WeAreInternational Alumni Stories 

Elohor Owumi

Africa region, Nigeria, Early Childhood Education, Class of 2013

"I enjoyed the luxury of working on my coursework from the comfort of my study room back in my home and yet enjoyed the experience of being part of the university system, meeting and enjoying the friendship of people from diverse parts of the world and meeting my lecturers on a one on one basis as a result of the opportunity afforded by the weekend residential."Elohor Owumi

In total, I made five compulsory trips to Sheffield in the course of the two years of my study and spent three compulsory days beginning from Friday evenings to Sunday mid-day. These weekend school were one of the best experiences of my life and I would do it all over again if I ever have the opportunity!

I thoroughly enjoyed our last weekend school, though I had mixed feelings because I was going to miss all the friends I had made on the course of my weekend school. I enjoyed the double benefit of gaining a master's degree and enjoying a mini vacation.

Our graduation ceremony to me was my delayed gratification. I had a most wonderful time. It was a colourful, orderly and very impressive ceremony. It was a day we all came back together one more time to celebrate our accomplishments.

To laugh out loud and take loads of pictures. I felt so happy when I heard my name called out to shake hands with the vice-chancellor of the University of Sheffield and to receive my degree up on the stage. I would have done a ‘breakdance’ on the stage if I was not so scared of tripping in my high heeled shoes! I am so proud to be an Alumna of the University of Sheffield.

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