#WeAreInternational Alumni Stories 

Neeraj Singh

South Asia region, India, Marketing Management, Class of 2013

Neeraj Singh“My stay in Sheffield transformed me into a more confident and adventurous person.”

I made so many lifelong international friends in Sheffield. We invite each other to our family functions.

I volunteered on the student's help desk at Opal 2 and also the International Languages Festival in 2013, where I taught Hindi to other students. I participated in a business competition in York which was organised by the Entrepreneurs society at the university, headed by Ms. Linda. I got to travel to France with my flatmate who lived in Paris.

Sheffield is truly a global city where everyone is so friendly and the overall aura of the city makes you feel at home. It goes without saying, the nightlife is something I miss a lot. Especially when I worked at Viva La Fiesta as a host. I would definitely recommend Sheffield to any student across the globe.

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