I realised that Sheffield provided the perfect balance of everything I was looking for!

Smiling female Canadian exchange student sits on a wall in the countryside
Emma Georgiana Ciocirlan
Exchange student from the University of Waterloo, Canada
Spent a semester studying Biomedical Science at Sheffield
Emma spent a semester studying at Sheffield as an exchange student

Why did you decide to do Study Abroad/Erasmus?

I decided to do a Study Abroad because for as long as I can remember I have wanted to study in another country! I love to travel and to experience new things, but being a student I didn’t always have the time to go to new places for extended periods. I wanted to experience living in another country so I decided to do the study abroad because it allowed me to live and experience life abroad, while still getting my degree. 

How did you first hear about the University of Sheffield?

I first heard about the University of Sheffield from some of the information my home university provided. 

How did you research the University to find out about studying in Sheffield?

I did a lot of googling to find out as much information as I could about the school, but also about the city its self. I also asked a few of my British friends what they knew about the city and about the university and their opinions. Finally, I also used the University of Sheffield website to learn about the different building on campus and about the different modules provided for my course. 

What made you choose Sheffield? 

After all the research I did, I realised that Sheffield provided the perfect balance of everything I was looking for! I was looking for a university with a good reputation, but I was also looking for a city I could fall in love with. I wanted to study in a place close to nature as well as in a place where I could walk out of my accommodation and feel at home. I chose Sheffield because it provided me with all that! The university provided me with a great learning experience, the city provided me with many things to see and do and probably my most favourite the peak district gave me some of the prettiest views I could have asked for!  

Four female international students in the countryside

What do you like best about living and studying in Sheffield?

One of the things I loved best about living and studying in Sheffield was the city its self! I was never bored in the city as there were always many things to see, try and do either alone or with friends! I also loved being so close to nature, either in the parks or in the peaks, which was a great way to get some fresh air, see some beautiful scenery and to explore. 

What have you enjoyed most about your time in Sheffield so far?

I have definitely enjoyed stepping out of my normal routine and everything I was used to at home to step into a different culture. I have enjoyed seeing and experiencing life as a student in England! Everything from day to day life to the night life was an adventure. 

What was your initial impression of Sheffield and the University when you first arrived?

My initial impression of Sheffield was that I was really pleased with the city and the campus and that there are a lot of hills everywhere. I didn’t realize how green the city was and how many parks there were within the city, but when I saw that I was really happy! 

What are the highlights of your course so far?

One of the highlights of my course was definitely the new friendships I formed throughout my time at Sheffield. I was able to meet so many new people from around the world and make so many new memories which I will cherish forever! We are already planning get-togethers in the future  

How will you use your experience of Studying Abroad at Sheffield in the future?

This experience has taught me to take every opportunity that comes my way because it could turn into something truly amazing. In the future, I will be able to take these opportunities knowing that I can make something great out of them no matter what.   

What would you say to a student considering studying at The University of Sheffield?

I would tell them to DO IT because it could turn out to be one of the best experiences of their life! It definitely was for me! I would also tell them to do some research on the city and to make a list of all the things they would like to see or try because the time really does fly. I would tell them to take every opportunity to have fun and to enjoy every moment!

Smiling female student in Little Shambles cobbled street

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