The summer school in France offered me the opportunity to feel like an international student again.

Summer School student Andrada Urdea
Andrada Urdea
Summer School at INSA Lyon in France
BA International Relations and Politics
Andrada attended a summer school at INSA Lyon in France.
Summer School student Andrada Urdea

How did you find the Summer School academically?

The summer school has been a unique experience to study something else other than your degree. I am a third year International Relations and Politics student, thus, I have already chosen a career path but the summer school offered me the chance to study Management and other interesting subjects.

What extra-curricular activities did you take part in?

Discovering France has been a very nice experience especially because it was the first time I have ever travelled there. I have discovered Lyon and got to enjoy French cuisine and to discover its historical heritage. 

Summer School student Andrada Urdea

What was the accommodation like?

The accommodation was a welcoming place to live in. I have appreciated the fact that it was also equipped with a kitchen. Although I have overall enjoyed the facilities offered, I think that the fact that we did not have WiFi (only through cable) made it a lot harder to study.

How did the experience enhance your international outlook?

I am an international student in England, a place I have grown to love and call home. The summer school in France offered me the opportunity to feel like an international student again while giving me the chance to enlarge my international network.

How would you describe the experience overall and why?

My experience has been eye-opening: I have learnt new things about another culture while while studying in another academic environment. I have also met new people and gained valuable communication skills.

What advice do you have for future students attending this summer school?

Do not be afraid to try anything new. Everything you do gives you the chance to grow; let the experience come to you and try to see any obstacle like a valuable part of the adventure.

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