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Tuition fees

No tuition fees are payable to the overseas university. Some University have additional fees or standard charges which all students are required to pay. These may include things such as health and counselling services, students' union, student ID card, academic departmental fees. This will be outlined to you by the host university and you are required to pay them. If you have any queries about any additional fees, then check with the host university.

You continue to pay tuition fees to Sheffield only. UK/EU undergraduate students studying overseas in will pay reduced tuition fees during the year abroad.

International students will also pay reduced fees whilst abroad: refer to the information on the SSiD tuition pages.

Financial Guarantee

What is a Financial Guarantee?

Some countries require a financial guarantee. In order to study or work abroad you need to show the government of that country that you have the necessary funds to stay in the host country for before you can be issued with a visa.

Financial evidence is required by all USA universities at the overseas application stage. This can be before students have confirmed their student loan for the following year, meaning they have to provide alternative evidence that they can afford to be in the country. The host university will specify what documents they accept.

For other destinations, if you require a visa to be a student in that country, you may be asked for financial evidence when you apply for your visa and/or at the border. Some countries do not accept student loan as evidence as it is not money already in an account, and some countries specify the funds must be in an account of the applicant, not a guarantor. Exactly which documents are acceptable will be specified in the visa application requirements of the host country.

The amount you must show varies and is based on the expected living costs at the university you will attend, so it is important to budget to have that amount of money available to you.

Why do I have to provide a Financial Guarantee?

As you will be an international student whilst studying abroad, the host country needs to see proof that you can support yourself during your studies, so that they can ensure that you are not going to try to live off state funding. If you cannot provide sufficient evidence, you may not be allowed to go, or may only be offered a shorter period abroad. 

Do I need to actually give the money to anyone?

No, you are just asked to show proof that you can afford the living costs in the country you will be studying and living in. 

Student loans and grants 

Changing your loan instalments from Student Finance England

If you indicate on your Student Finance England application that you are studying abroad, you are automatically paid the first instalment 25 working days before the 'standard' course start date.

However, if your study placement starts earlier (e.g. if you are starting in Australia or New Zealand in July) Global Opportunities coordinate with the Student Administration Services so you should receive the first instalment of your Maintenance Loan on the first day of your study placement.

The standard is for you to receive your loan in three instalments, however Student Finance England offers the option of payment in two instalments by request. This is not automatically applied, so you must contact the Student Administration Service at if you wish to request this. Students going to Australia will automatically receive their loan in two instalments, with the second instalment in January.

Payment in two instalments is also available for students who will study abroad in the USA, Canada, and New Zealand.

Students studying abroad in China, Japan or Russia can get the whole loan in one instalment. This is always requested for students going to these countries.

If you are sent a Course Abroad form by Student Finance England, then you request that SSiD completes this for you. If you require a letter for Student Finance, this can also be obtained from SSiD. 

Student Finance Travel Grant

Student Finance offer a non-repayable travel grant where you can claim back for certain travel related costs with evidence, providing you are not already claiming these costs through the Turing scheme. 

The travel grant is income-assessed and can cover reasonable costs as decided by Student Finance. Previously students have been able to claim:

  • flights to and from their host country
  • transport to and from their host university or work placement, if it is a large distance from their accommodation
  • visa costs
  • health insurance and some medical costs.

Students must pay the first £303 of travel costs themselves.

If you apply for the travel grant you will need to complete a form which is available on request from Student Finance. The completed this form can be signed by SSiD in the Students’ Union. You need to submit all of your receipts and booking confirmations as part of the application, so remember to save everything. You can apply for the Travel Grant at any time during the academic year and there's no limit to how many forms students can submit. For further information on the travel grant, see the Student Finance webpage.                                 

University hardship fund

As you will still be a fully registered student of the University of Sheffield during your period abroad, you may apply for the Financial Support (hardship) Fund for unforeseeable expenses or emergency costs.        

Working whilst studying abroad

If you are thinking about working during your time abroad, you need to check the website for your host university and the embassy for that country to see what regulations and restrictions there are.

Some universities and/or countries do not allow students to work during their stay.

You must clarify this prior to applying for your visa as you may need to declare that you want to work at visa application stage.

All questions need to be referred to the embassy for the country you are going to.