Environment and natural resources


Tackling and understanding challenges of environmental change and rural development is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavour requiring collaborations across Social Sciences, Sciences and the Humanities. At the Institute of Global Sustainable Development (IGSD), we are firmly committed to understanding the Political Ecology of global development issues.

We have particular strengths in wildlife and biodiversity conservation with numerous colleagues in Politics and Geography (Duffy, Brockington, Sauls, Krauss, Mehtta, Evans, Verweijen) working on these issues as well as environmental challenges more generally. IGSD fellows are also pursuing research work on agriculture and agricultural change (Brockington, Bunce, Beseng, Randle-Boggis). The staple of our interactions consists of the political ecology reading group which meets fortnightly during term time and discusses recently published papers, new research proposals and draft work. We also have occasional lectures, seminars and workshops with visiting speakers in person and online.