School activities

Come and see some of the schools activities that we deliver.

24/01/2022 - We were invited to give a talk to Sixth Form students at Tapton Secondary School as part of their Science Seminar Programme. Dr De Faveri gave a talk on her work investigating sensory transduction in the zebrafish lateral line. She received highly positive feedback and engagement from the students.

Fran tapton

Postdoctoral Researcher Dr Francesca De Faveri giving a presentation to students at Tapton School

20/07/2022 - We delivered an interactive workshop as part of the "Discover STEM" programme that is run by the university. The programme gives students from state schools in South Yorkshire an opportunity to be exposed to different areas of STEM and experience what it is like to be at university. As part of the interactive workshop, members of the Hearing Research Group ran a number of activities with the goal of getting students interested in a career in research.


Hearing Research Group ready for the event

School activity

Postdoctoral Researcher Dr Samuel Webb and PhD student Ana Amariutei delivering the introduction to the session

Cath Microscope session

Research Technician Catherine Gennery delivering a microscope session. The aim of the session was to give students an introduction to microscopy by looking at different parts of the ear down the microscopes.

VR with Fran

Dr De Faveri going through the virtual reality experience that the Hearing Research Group has developed. The experience allows users to navigate through the ear and visualise what happens as a result of different types of hearing loss.

Charlie HL sim

PhD student Charlie Cranston delivering the Hearing loss simulation that the Hearing Research Group created. The Hearing loss simulation gives the user an experience of what it is like for people suffering from varying degrees and types of hearing loss.

If any schools are interested in the Hearing Research Group delivering a session, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can find a list of contacts through the following link