Research in the Department

Our Research

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The Department has a distinguished record of internationally outstanding and innovative historical research. We're ranked among the UK's top three History departments for the impact and quality of our research in the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

We promote the exchange of ideas and dissemination of research in both academic and non-academic activities.

Research Areas and Specialisations

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Our research interests extend chronologically from late ancient history to contemporary history; geographically from the UK to Western, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, South Asia, and the USA; and thematically to include political, economic, social, cultural and intellectual history, with a distinct specialism in the application of digital technologies to historical research.

The Department's unique composition provides the interdisciplinary scope to develop new ways of dealing with complex source materials and promote research perspectives across chronological and geographical divides.

Research Centres and Projects

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We host several innovative research centres and collaborative projects.

Postgraduate Research

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Training the next generation of historians, is a vital part of our research strategy. We have one of the most active centres of postgraduate research in the country, with around 60 research students and a vibrant postgraduate research culture.