Dr Yijia Zuo

Faculty of Social Sciences

Affiliate Member


Yijia gained her PhD degree in the School of Education having studied initially on the MA programme (Psychology and Education). Her doctoral research was theoretically and methodologically pluralist (qualitative), exploring the process of individuals’ constructions and transformations of selves in transcultural contexts. Narratives of second-generation Chinese immigrant young people were examined, specifically relating to their life experiences in the UK, drawing on complementary aspects of trans-disciplinary theoretical approaches – social constructionism, psychodynamics and Chinese philosophy. Yijia has also been able to teach on the BA Child Psychology programme and supervise Masters students’ dissertations. She is continuing to develop her research, engaging with transdisciplinary and transcultural approaches, juxtaposing eastern (Chinese) and western perspectives in psychology, education and philosophy.

You can read Yijia’s PhD thesis here: Narratives of Complementarity and Transformation: Chinese young people constructing selves in a transcultural context (UK) (2017)

Chinese translation: 互补与转变:中国移民青少年在跨文化环境(英国)中的自我构建

Supervisor: Tom Billington, Professor of Educational and Child Psychology