Getting my masters from the University of Sheffield will open doors for me

Image of Natalia, student ambassador
Natalia Kreutzer Faucz Rocha, Brazil
Masters Student
School of Law
Natalia graduate from LLM in Law in 2020

When I finished my undergraduate studies and got my bachelors’ degree in law, I decided that I wanted to continue my studies abroad. I started looking at universities that offered a masters programme in international law (which was my favourite subject during undergrad) and came across the University of Sheffield. It was actually the first university I found, and I immediately loved the LLM programme offered. It was always my first university choice.

Once I discovered the University, I started researching about it online. I did a lot of research through the university’s website, which offers a lot of information about the courses, facilities, activities, among other things. Finally, once I decided I would apply for a place here, I got in contact with an agency in Brazil which represents the University of Sheffield. They had a lot of information regarding the university and my course and helped me out a lot.

Studying here is definitely different than studying in Brazil. The classes here are much more interactive, which I believe is a much better way to learn. I have loved it so far. Whilst preparing for seminars I’ve also been able to read a lot of interesting articles and journals which I probably wouldn’t have found by myself. I was also able to meet students from different cultures, which makes classes very interesting, as everyone has a different insight on certain matters.

Living in Sheffield is quite affordable. Food isn’t very expensive, and you can often find meal deals. There are several places that offer student discount (such as restaurants and shops), so it never hurts to ask! There is no need to buy a bus pass since walking is very easy and practical. Also, if you do need to use the bus, the single bus fare for students is currently only £1, which is great.

I believe that getting my master’s degree from the University of Sheffield will open doors for me. This course has opened my mind and presented me with challenges that have helped me grow as a person and as a professional. In each class the professors push us to be the best we can. I have learned so much more than I thought I would and have discovered a lot about myself and what I want to work with in the future.

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