By choosing Sheffield you will find much more than just academic development, but you will grow as a person too.

Photo of Constanza
Constanza Marin, Chile
PhD Student
School of Dentistry
Constanza is a current PhD student in the School of Dentistry

I like Sheffield because it is a quiet and friendly city, the local people are very warm and you can walk almost everywhere. I really love cycling and jogging and Sheffield has so many beautiful landscapes in which to do this, including parks and the Peak District, you can practice sports or just take a walk and enjoy nature. The University of Sheffield has high quality academic staff who you can learn from and establish working relationships with.

I was really impressed when I first arrived because I thought that the people here would be colder and apathetic, but then I realised that most of the people in the city, and in the University are willing to help you in lots of different ways. I was also delighted with how huge and multicultural the University was, how many facilities it has, and I loved the introduction week with its fairs and activities to allow you to meet new people and make friends.

Sheffield is one of the most affordable cities in the UK. The most expensive category for me is the rent (compared to my country), but groceries, supermarkets, entertainment and clothes are all affordable. The best part is that you can walk anywhere, so you probably won't spend that much on transport.

My husband and I live in the Ranmoor/Endcliffe Village. There are facilities there including the Ridge Support Centre, a gym, a shared social space which is available to other families and couples, and you can play ping-pong, pool and watch movies. 

By choosing Sheffield you will find much more than just academic development, with highly qualified and international academic staff but you will grow as a person too. You will have plenty of enriching experiences, meet people from different cultures, join interesting societies, practice sports and make new friends, and all in a friendly and supportive environment.

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