Student Societies for Students from Zambia

Students from Zambia and Africa play a major role in many of the national, cultural, social and sporting societies at Sheffield. Here are details of two student societies which are particularly popular with students from Zambia.

The African and Caribbean Society

The African and Caribbean Society (ACS) is a student society with a membership that spans from Uganda to Ghana, India to Italy and Britain to the Caribbean. The ACS is a highly social group that organises many exciting events such as the ACS Talent Night, the ACS Urban Lounge music night and the ACS Christmas Ball. Students from other universities across the UK come to Sheffield for these very popular events. ACS also organise many trips and excursions around the UK for its members.

You can get in touch with the society and they would be happy to hear from you.

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The Black Students' Committee

The Black Students' Committee (BSC) promotes the awareness of issues specifically pertaining to black students, from entertainment to more serious issues. The BSC believes that the multi-cultural diversity of the student population is a great strength that should be embraced. Some of the activities of the BSC include participation in the annual NUS Black StudentĀ“s Conference and hosting an awareness week on campus.

You can contact the society directly by email:

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