Laila Abubakari

MA International Political Communication (2015)

Watch my video to see me talk about my experiences as a student at the University of Sheffield.

I attained my BA in Communication Studies at the Ghana Institute of Journalism and then worked in media for aLaila170couple of years before coming to Sheffield to study my masters. After researching courses which combine bothpolitics and journalism on the internet, I came across the University of Sheffield web site. I was so impressed! It’s highly-ranked among other world-class universities; has first-class facilities and staff; and is in a very friendly city; relatively cheap; has great night life and is very green. A few months later, here I am!

The resources available and the ease of accessing these resources stand out the most for me in my studies here at the University of Sheffield. The libraries here are the best I have ever used and even those who have never used such facilities will find them simple. The Information Commons is one of my favourite places to study because it is open 24/7 and offers a wide range of research materials in any subject. The university went a step further to assign me a personal tutor whom I could meet to discuss any issue I had in my studies. There is also a line-up of lectures and trips for the department of Journalism. I have also made friends from all over the world who in one way or another add to my knowledge of international politics.

The MA in International Political Communication is a taught master’s programme. I have several lectures per week which I particularly like because my tutors are very resourceful and always ready to help me. They find interesting ways of relating to students which makes the learning process more relaxed. Even better, if a student does not understand a topic or has questions, there are follow up seminars, normally made up of smaller groups where the academic interacts with students. I also like the fact that there is My Online Learning Environment (MOLE) on the school website that personalises and categorises the entire teaching and learning activities for students and staff. Students are also given the opportunity to work in groups to develop their team work experience.

My course equips students with the necessary knowledge and (political) journalism or communication skills that will help them excel in their chose fields of work. The modules I’m studying include Political Communication, Writing for The Media, Communicating with the Media, and Research Methods. I believe my knowledge in these subjects will serve me well in future.

I would say that anyone who studies in Sheffield will be assured of the following: the best student experience in the UK; resourceful tutors; workshops and seminars to give you practical experiences; being fully equipped for the job market; a network of friends from all over the world; and the satisfaction of having a very useful degree. Besides all this, Sheffield is a lovely, calm city with lots of get-away destinations that gives me the best study environment. I hope after my course I will be able to pursue a PhD and then go on to develop a career in Political Communication.

I have made so many friends here and I can see some of them lasting a lifetime. All students studying abroad have the ultimate concerns around comfort, delivery of services and security. I’m glad I came here to study because the University of Sheffield has given me all these and more! I can study late into the night and remain assured that I will get home safely, and everyone is so nice and ready to help me.

I can assure all prospective students that they will love it here in Sheffield! Besides from the environment, which is perfect for studying and caters for all students’ needs and wants, the city is fantastic. It is calm, beautiful and green as well as having an active night life and an amazing Students’ Union which has been voted the best in the UK for several years’ running. I’d say that if you come to Sheffield, you’ll experience the time of your life as a student here!

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