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You can find out more about our Taiwanese students' and other East Asian students' experiences at Sheffield on the East Asia blog.

Undergraduate Student Profile


Hsin-Yu (Cynthia) Yang

MP Urban Studies and Planning

Ming Te Lee

Ming Te Lee

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)


Peng Yu Lai

BA Landscape Aschitecture

Winner of the SIC Progression Scholarship 2014

Postgraduate Student Profiles

Ching Yi Yang small

 Ching Yi Yang

MA Landscape Architecture

Winner of the Taiwan Postgraduate Merit Scholarship 2017


Yu-Bin Chang

PhD Politics

Alumni Profiles


Kuan-Yu Chen

MA Architectural Design (2015)

UKEAS University of Sheffield scholarship winner


Hsin-Yu Chin

MA Global Journalism

Chun-Wei Hsu 125150

Chun-Wei Hsu

MSc (Res) Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging

Hsin-Yi Hsu

Hsin-Yi (Claire) Hsu

Msc Creative and Cultural Industries Management

Wei Jou (Jessy) Chen Small

Wei-Jou (Jessy) Chen

BA East Asian Studies (2013)

Yu Hsuan Sun Small

Yu-Hsuan Sun

MA Translational Neuroscience (2013)

Sun's Blog

Szu Yun (Joya) Lin Small

Szu Yun Lin (Joya)

BA (Hons) Journalism Studies (2013)

Po Jen (Anderson) Small

Po Jen Profile

PhD Engineering Materials (2012)

Po-Jen's blog

Yu Hsuan (Shelley) Tien Small

Yu Hsuan (Shelley) Tien

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (2012)

Wei Ku Small

Wei Ku

PhD English Language & Linguistics (2012)

Wei's blog

I-Ting Tseng Small

I-Ting Tseng

MSc Management (Creative and Cultural Industries) (2011)

Ya Fang Small

Ya Fang

PG Diploma Law (2010)

Chia Ching Small

Chia Ching

MSc Electronic and Digital Library Management (2010)

Huang Shu-Yu (Jessica) Small


MSc Human Resource Management (2009)

Jessica's blog

Rick Small


MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2009)

Rick's blog

Yung Yi Small

Yung Yi

PhD Molecular and Genetic Medicine (2008)

Ellen 125x150


MA Applied Linguistics (2008)



MA Global Politics and Law (2008)

Isaac's Blog

Hayley 125x150


MA Political Communication (2007)

Haley's blog

Naiwen 125x150


MA Translation Studies (2007)

Naiwen's blog