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MA Landscape Architecture

After graduating from the National Taiwan University in 2013 with a bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture, I soon passed the Senior Civil Service Examination in landscape design. In 2014 I also worked as an Assistant Engineer to administrate green infrastructures in Taichung. With four years’ work experience, I now study at the University of Sheffield.

I chose Sheffield because it is a world-top 100 universities with inspiring tutors and facilities. It is also the top-ranked university in the Russell Group for student experience in the UK. Living costs in Sheffield is reasonable, and it is a global campus where I can make international friends. Most importantly, the Landscape Architecture postgraduate programme is unique comparing to other universities in the UK. It is a two-year course which givesme more time to explore this domain.

The most enjoyable thing about studying here is that I have many chances to embrace nature and learn from it. Various green spaces are near the campus, such as the Peace Gardens, Botanical Gardens, and even the Peak District Park. They are perfect teaching materials and great local landscape to explore.

I was awarded the Taiwan Merit Postgraduate Scholarship in 2017. The supporting statement took me few weeks to write and proof-read. In it, I mentioned my strong academic performance, with high GPA, and emphasized my further expectations of studying here and what I planned to do after graduation. This scholarship is so meaningful and helpful in various ways. This scholarship is a cheering encouragement for me as a mature student who has worked for few years and decided to study abroad alone.

The University of Sheffield has many teaching resources and fantastic facilities to use. For instance, there are many libraries here, and an Ebook system called dawsonera to let students learn in a more eco-friendly way. The Encore and MOLE system here are also useful tools for students to review lectures. This is especially helpful for international students whose first language is not English, because they can have a chance to repeat the lecture to take notes.

I am quite interested in learning cooking in Sheffield because having a limited budget for living expenses, and health reasons, this has prompted me to cook by myself. Fresh food in supermarkets is always cheaper and healthier than restaurants. Perhaps I will join a cooking-related society to enhance my skills in the near future.
The best thing about living in Sheffield are the activities after classes. Fortunately, we have the best Students’ Union which provides us with a wide range of choices of things to do in our spare time.

In the future I expect to become a professional landscape architect, with critical and creative thinking and who is delighted to make our landscape better. I also want to gain work experience directly related to landscape architecture during my course, which can bring my design skills to the next level and improve my English at the same time.

The University of Sheffield is definitely the best choice for those who have the limited budget but who still want to have a quality education. In addition to academic learning in Sheffield, there are various natural resources and outdoor public spaces to relax and exercise. Most importantly, people here in Sheffield are really kind and warm to help others so that you can make friends easily here.