Peng Yu Lai

BA Landscape Aschitecture pengyu

I was born and raised in Taiwan, where I attended elementary and junior high school providing bilingual programmes (Mandarin and English). Afterwards, I studied in an American high school in Switzerland. I improved my English ability and discovered my future goal, which is to become a landscape architect. After graduating as a valedictorian, I attended the Sheffield International College and complete the Foundation Certificate in Science and Engineering in order to study in the University of Sheffield.

University of Sheffield has always had a good reputation, especially for Landscape Architecture. It’s such an honour for me to be studying here and to win a Scholarship. Winning the University of Sheffield scholarship means a lot to me, as my effort is officially recognised. This strongly motivates me to dedicate myself more to what I should study, as well as what I love to study.

I am very enthusiastic about studying landscape architecture. In terms of the most enjoyable thing for me, it should be the process of completing a project. Although there is always a considerable degree of difficulty, I enjoy every moment from finding inspirations in the beginning to completing the final work in the end. When I look back on the process, I am always surprised to realize how much knowledge and skills I have obtained.

The teaching methods are very beneficial to my study, especially the individual or small group tutorials. They provide a valuable opportunity for us to exchange our ideas with the tutors and other students. The University of Sheffield is a highly reputable University with excellent faculty members. I have chances to meet people from different places and with different strengths.

I hope I can have sufficient skills to be a good landscape architect, who can influence the landscape to any extent.

Finally I would like to advice future students to always be passionate about your subject. Be responsible for not only studying but also your life as an independent university student.