Nousheen Zakaria

Nousheen graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2007 with an MSc Management (HRM).


I completed my BBA from Pakistan. During the final year of my undergrad degree, I applied for several top universities in the U.K. But choosing Sheffield was easy enough for me for various reasons. First of all, University of Sheffield is among the best Universities in the U.K. It has got such high reputation both internally and internationally. Besides, that the course structure, perfectly matched with my requirement and what I wanted from the course of MSc Management.

I had a lot of questions in my mind when I got enrolled for the course. Regarding, how well I will adjust with the system here, if I will be able to coupe up with the studies, if I will miss my friends and family back home, if I will make good friends and while all these questions were floating in my mind, I got a information pack sent by the University of Sheffield. It had all the necessary information that I required. It answered all my questions. I was very thrilled and excited to come to Sheffield.

Sheffield is a beautiful city. It has one of the best transport systems that I have ever seen. It has a very vibrant and colourful nightlife. A huge shopping centre, ice skating facility and Valley Centertainment, which is the centre for cinema┬┤s, bowling, fun games, restaurants and all of this is very well connected through the trams. I felt so welcomed here. I lived in the University accommodation, which was very close to the Management school. University of Sheffield is not a campus university but all the facilities are closely located and are within walking distance.

My course structure was excellent. I had an option during my second semester to specialize in an area and I choose Human Resource Management. I was also elected as the Students representatives and we had a monthly session with the module leaders, the course director and the Dean of the school to raise any issues that we faced during the course of our studies. The issues were very well handled, they used to immediately come up with solutions and we were also being updated about the issues still in process. Apart from this, the staff and the faculty members of the university are very friendly. I was always welcomed if I had any questions to ask outside my lectures. The teachers were just an email away. I was very thrilled to see how well qualified the course Instructors were, with all them being academic scholars and with baggage of over a dozen published journal articles and book authors. It was such a pleasure and honour to be a student of such academic scholars.

The course, was a mix of case studies, presentations, class discussions, individual and group projects. The course structure was brilliant. We were handed a list of journals and books that we needed to study for each topic. I gained a lot of confidence and above all, I gained a new perspective to judge and analyse things. We were a class of about 60 students, each belonging to a different nationality, everyone with a different level of thinking, a different perspective and a different presentation style. Collectively, it enhanced my understanding of different cultures, their way of thinking and problem solving and much more. I made the best of friends here. It taught me teamwork in the true sense.

My advice to International students is, that if you are serious towards your studies and want to make the most of your time, Sheffield is the best option. It has the best University, the best environment, excellent health and fitness facilities and the International office is the best of all. Any problems that you may face during your course of stay, you can always seek advice from them.

I wish to undertake my PhD and my MBA from the University of Sheffield. Sheffield has now become a home away from home for me. And I absolutely love it!!