Student profile

Dk Norleha Binti Pg Haji Md Yassin

Dk graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BEng in Systems and Control Engineering in 2008

Intro Fiesta

The University of Sheffield has known for its impressive reputation for decades already. Its affordable tuition fees and living expenses have made me to choose to do my degree here without further ado. Furthermore, its well organized student union has played so much in welcoming us as an international student. You will sure be welcome in warmth and respect.

I am taking Systems and Control Engineering. I must say I have indeed chosen the right University for my degree.

This course that I am taking is very challenging and has in fact broadened my knowledge in many aspects. I have indeed improved my communication and my report writing skills. I must say that, there are always new things to learn. In short, it is a challenging course which hence gives me an opportunity to challenge my intellectual abilities.

Sheffield is a peace-of- mind place to stay. It is one of the many places you must visit if you are in the UK. Where on earth can you find the lovely Peak District and what is more, where can you find the beautiful lake district???? The people in Sheffield are helpful and friendly as well.

I usually play badminton and pool during my leisure time. The Goodwin sports centre is well equipped with all these facilities. At times I enjoy watching movies, shopping and partying.

To stay away from family and friends was the most difficult aspect to be away from my country, Brunei Darussalam. However, this has not held me back from anything. The people surrounds me are lovely and amusing hence I do not feel like I am actually away from my home town.


Advice from me:

If you have not decided where to go to further your studies, do consider The University of Sheffield. It is a place which worth every penny you will be paying. You definitely will enjoy your university life here to the fullest.