Benedict Tse

LLB LawBen170

After graduating from school in 2010, I served my National Service in Singapore for 2 years as a firefighter before completing a foundation year in Sheffield International College to take up Law in the University.

I chose to study at The University of Sheffield as it’s one of the more renowned universities in the UK, not forgetting that it is also a member of the prestigious Russell Group. I had other offers to study at other universities but still chose Sheffield because having been here for a foundation year, I found Sheffield to be very student-friendly city and compared to other universities I find it to have a very conducive study environment. Furthermore, the excellent Student Union provides ample opportunities for me to engage in a plethora of activities and develop a life outside my academic studies.

The teaching and study methods here at the University are excellent, and even though some modules are designed to have more emphasis on independent learning, we are aided with a modern online learning system, which allows students to post questions in forums, which can then be answered by both lecturers or your fellow peers alike. Our classes are also relatively small and the lecturers and tutors are friendly and helpful. I can seek help from any lecturer at any point of time and I’m not restricted to only seeking help from the lecturers who teach me. Having a personal tutor assigned to me means I also have help should I have any problems I have outside my studies. I feel very well supported, both by the staff here and the facilities provided, - like the 24 hour Information Commons and not forgetting the upcoming Diamond which will provide students with more studying facilities.

My course is very versatile, and I can choose what to specialise in and what field of Law I wish to pursue. In my third year I get the chance to entirely choose all of my modules which will help me pursue my chosen career path. One of the benefits of studying here is that as well as providing a ‘top-notch’ British education we are also learning about all sorts of international experiences and cultures as the University has a large international population. On a daily basis I interact with many other international students and learn from them as well.

The best thing about life in Sheffield is that compared to other major cities in the UK, life here is less chaotic and more laid-back. The city is greener and safer than most other cities, I can reasonably walk around and explore the city without resorting too much to public transport, and this translates into me really knowing the city well and feeling very much at home here.

Coming to university was undoubtedly a nerve-wrecking experience and it’s really important to think clearly when making your decisions about studying in another country. You’ll find Sheffield not only one of the best universities academically but also financially-friendly city. If you get chance to visit on an Open Day, this will definitely give you an insight into life here. Come with an open mind and you will make friends with people from all over the world, whilst taking advantage of all the opportunities that the University offers. You’ll also get fit too, as Sheffield is built on seven hills!

When I finish my degree here I will have a solid understanding of the British legal system, which is the perfect platform for me to pursue my intended career as a lawyer in a Commonwealth country. Most importantly besides obtaining my degree, I hope I have also become a well-rounded individual who is now more independent, and able to build relationships, connections and understanding with people from all around the world.


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