Rawan Al Subaie

Rawan graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2008 with a BSc in Biomedical Science.

Rawan Photo

I graduated from Najd National School for Girls in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after that I did a Foundation for Science and Engineering at the Sheffield International College to get accepted for my Biomedical Sciences course at the University of Sheffield. I chose the University of Sheffield because I knew it was one of the best universities in the country, and the course I wanted to do was rated 5 star in both research and teaching excellence. The degree is worth a lot back home, and you get a lot of job opportunities. These are definitely benefits of an education from the University of Sheffield.

The most enjoyable thing about studying at the University of Sheffield is the Information Commons for sure! Its open 24 hours every day of the week, so at least when you´re up at 2am revising you know you´re not alone! As for the most valuable aspects of my course, labs are definitely the best! You get to apply everything you´ve studied and actually see it for yourself. The teaching and study methods at the University of Sheffield are kind of challenging at first, because you have to run around collecting information from books which is hard because you´ve been spoon-fed information all through school, but you get used to it and you learn to deal with it. The lectures are very important as well, I love my subject because my lectures are so interesting to the point that sometimes I don´t even realize that the hours gone by, and our lecturers are amazing, you get information off your lecturers that is way better and more up to date than any book in the library.

Student life is amazing, there is something for everyone. I know you´ve probably heard this a lot and I doubted it myself but seriously, if you´re into the night life and going out you will find it here. If not there are other things to do as well, there´s an ice skating rink, there´s a bowling alley, there´s the annual food festival event and all kinds of other events. Whatever you´re into, you will definitely find it!

A word of advice for prospective students coming to Sheffield, if you´re from a warm climate like I am, bring warm clothes!!!!!! Sort out your living arrangements before you get here, it´s really not good leaving it to the last minute.

After I have finished my course I would like to do some further studying, and then get a job back home.


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