I really enjoy living here, the environment is so student friendly, there are lots of green spaces and parks.

Picture of Cypriot Student, Eleni
Eleni Koursari, Cyprus
Postgraduate Student
MSc Antimicrobial Resistance
Eleni is currently studying MSc Antimicrobial Resistance. She also completed her BSc Medical Biochemistry at the University.

The University of Sheffield was one of the top ranked universities in the UK which is how I got interested at first to come and study here. The University of Sheffield website was a good starting point of my research, as additional to information about each course it included videos and student testimonies which I found particularly helpful.

One of the first things that I noticed about Sheffield was its international character. You can see people from all around the world which is something that I didn’t expect really and I got the chance to make friends with students from all around the world and learn their culture and customs.

I did my BSc at the University of Sheffield and now continuing to do my Masters also here. I think the main reason why I decided to stay here to continue my Masters was that the university is one of the best for my area of study. Also, I really enjoy living here, the environment is so student friendly, there are lots of green spaces and parks I can go to relax and so many social events happening every week.

I was a member of the Hellenic and Cypriot Society and there are regular events organised by the society giving you plenty of opportunities to meet other Cypriots and Greeks. I also joined the Dance Soc and Teddy Bear Hospital Society while I was doing my BSc. I went to the Give It A Go sessions and then carried on to regularly go to classes and events. I liked the fact that without having any prior experience you could go and try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Its really something really fun to do and is a great opportunities to make new friends at the beginning of the year.

I have made use of several supoprt services that the University offers during my time here such as the careers service and the writing advisory service. I used the Careers Service quite a lot to help with my CV and how to improve my skills and look more attractive candidate to job opportunities. The staff were really helpful and professional and offered my personalised advice which allowed me to improve my transferable skills and profile. I also used the Writing Advisory Service in my first year as I was learning how to write good essays and reports. It was really helpful to know that if I wanted to there was someone to provide personalised advice on course work.

I always bring with me something that reminds me of home, and many times this includes Cypriot food. Grandma’s Pastichio and Keftedes are by far my personal favourites! But on another note, you can literally find very similar food types here and thus can easily replicate our traditional food with a twist!

I believe that Sheffield has things to suit all kinds of students and that’s why I will strongly recommend it as a place to study.

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