Alumni Rewards

We are committed to rewarding the loyalty of those who have previously graduated and intend to pursue further studies at this University.

Rewards worth £1,500 per year of study are available for all University of Sheffield graduates and siblings, spouses, sons and daughters of University of Sheffield graduates, for all years of study. An additional £500 is available for University of Sheffield graduates who have received a first class honours undergraduate degree.

N.B. If you commenced your new course before September 2015 the alumni reward is worth £1000 per year of study.

Students must be self-funding and classified as overseas for fee purposes and commencing their studies at Sheffield.

Alumni Rewards can be awarded in addition to University of Sheffield Scholarships. Please look at the information provided for students from your own country to see scholarships which may be available to you.

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For more information about the Alumni Rewards and instructions on how to apply online please click the following link:

Alumni Rewards - Applying